Alarm Dialogs

Well you’ve come to see the alarm dialogs, haven’t you. We will try not to disappoint.

Alarm Dialogs

We are always finding new ways to fulfill your wake-up experience. So far, we have these options. (if you think of others, do let us know)

When you’re Setting an Alarm, these are options for Pre-alarm dialog and Snooze dialog.

Snooze Dialog

  • Default Dialog – Pop-up dialog in middle of the screen
  • Large Snooze Dialog – Full-screen dialog with a large snooze button
  • Snooze Puzzle – Solve a simple math problem to snooze or dismiss the alarm. You’ll be surprised how difficult 6 x 5 is in the morning.
  • Sunrise – This is a simple dialog that fades from black to a sunrise color. More effective on a larger screen, such as a tablet, in a dark room that helps you wake up with light.

Dialog Dialog

This is the standard dialog that you see if you leave the default options.

Alarm Dialog - Default


Large Snooze Dialog

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just can’t get out of bed and we want to make sure our alarm knows it. So we’ve included a hard to miss snooze button option.

Alarm Dialog - Large Snooze


Snooze Puzzle

There are some of us that just like hurting our self-esteem in the morning, so for you we’ve made a Snooze Puzzle. Math problems that are limited to multiplication, addition, and subtraction of single digit numbers.

Trust us when we say 7 times 7 is unexpectedly hard to figure out when you wake up.

Initial dialog

Don’t fret, you don’t actually need to type anything. We give you 9 choices and sometimes you guess correctly the first time at 5:30 in the morning.

Alarm Dialog - Snooze Puzzle - Initial


Choices, choices

We all make mistakes and we know you’ll never make the same mistake twice so we go ahead and mark a wrong answer in red and you can’t press it again.

Alarm Dialog - Snooze Puzzle - Wrong Answer



So you’ve meticulously calculated the answer. Once you do, you are given the option to snooze or dismiss. Choose wisely.

Alarm Dialog - Snooze Puzzle - Solved


We thought about our Nighttime Mode and device dock users, so we added a sunrise option. While it’s not quite the sight of the Sun slipping over the edge of a mountain top, but being that you’re using this on your phone or tablet, we hope you let that slide.

This is most effective when the screen is facing you when the alarm goes off because it fades from black to an orange-yellow glow.


Alarm Dialog - Sunrise - Initial


Partial fade-in

Alarm Dialog - Sunrise - Fade-in



Alarm Dialog - Sunrise - Final