Dashclock Integration

No app is complete without Dashclock integration. It really is the way to Awesomality. Is wesomality a word? I call it! Awesomality™.

Dashclock Integration

Dashclock is a simple lockscreen widget that works on Android 4.2 and newer. It allows developers to create add-on extensions to your lockscreen and give you information. It just so happens that we’ve created an extension for it.

A few notes

  1. Requires Dashclock to be installed
  2. Dashclock must be set as one of your lockscreen widgets

With these two requirements fulfilled on your device, do continue.

What it looks like

I suppose if you’d like to know what it looks like if you’re going to go through the trouble of installing it. So here it is


When enabled (see below), you will see your next alarm once it is within 12 hours of your next alarm.

For example if you have a Monday through Friday alarm setup for 5:50 AM, it will display an icon on your Dashclock once it’s 5:50 PM.

Dashclock Compact

You are able to expand the Dashclock to see expanded notifications, which looks like this

Dashclock Expanded

Adding Awesome Alarm to Dashclock

Open the Dashclock configuration and you will see something like this.

Dashclock Configuration

Click the Add another extension option

Dashclock Add Awesome Alarm

Choose Awesome Alarm and you’re done

Dashclock Awesome Alarm Added

It’s that easy

Dashclock Compact

You will now see your next alarm when it’s within 12 hours