Wake-up gently

Wake up gently by using the fade-in option to your alarm sound. You never knew an alarm could sound so soothing.

Have a day off?

Skip one day of an alarm without disabling your alarm. Never forget to re-enable your alarm again.

Change the snooze

Can't tear yourself out of bed? Change the next snooze length on the fly when your alarm goes off for some added rest, no need to edit your alarm settings.

Multiple alarm dialogs

Choose from different alarm dialog windows to wake you in the morning. Whether you like snooze puzzles, small alert windows, or GIANT snooze buttons, we got you covered.

Get up on time

Use a pre-alarm to go off gently before your alarm time. With a gentle setting, if you are sleeping lightly, you'll wake up softly. No jolting alarm sound.

Snooze too much?

Limit the number of snoozes available and get yourself out of bed. Full customization for each alarm.


Are you a fan of Dashclock? We are. We've got you covered with a Dashclock extension.


Ever wonder when an alarm would tweet all of your Twitter followers that you've managed to wake up? Wonder no more, enable auto tweets when you dismiss an alarm.

Nightime mode

Use nighttime mode to show a black screen with the time. Need to find something in the dark? Nighttime mode comes with a screen light to shine the darkness away.

What people think of Awesome Alarm

Full featured polished and reliable. […] It’s flexible in that you can specify different alarms and different repeat days. I wake up much better to soft pre alarm too.

The interface is intuitive and informative. You always know what you’ve scheduled and can shift it around easily.

Are you ready to be blown away?

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