Change log

We are always updating Awesome Alarm with new features we’ve concocted or requests by our favorite user, you. Below is the change log, but if you have a feature request of your own, go to the Contact Us page and send it to us.


  • Added Early Notification icon to the Android notification drawer
  • Updated Twitter integration to meet new Twitter requirements


  • Fix crash when selecting a ringtone


  • Updated for Android 4.4.x


  • Retain line numbers in code. Received a crash report that we couldn’t help with because there were no line numbers 🙁


  • Updated for Android 4.3
  • Fixed issue when enabled, Twitter would send a tweet on pre-alarm dismiss
  • Fixed a text box from not displaying disabled appropriately
  • Fixed overlapping text on the default dialog on paid version


  • Complete rewrite of alarm engine
  • Enable automatic Twitter message to be sent on alarm dismiss
  • Nighttime mode, including a screenlight to see in the dark
  • Dashclock integration
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added a Snooze Puzzle dialog box that can be selected on the Snooze tab to help you wake up by getting your brain working
  • Tweak snooze dialog themes to make them slightly more consistent.
  • Fixed issue where the number of snoozes would not count down
  • Fixed issue that happens if you clicked the “Back button” while alarm dialog was active, it may cause double alarm sounds.


  • Added Snooze Dialog selector on the Snooze tab. Choose between default and Large Snooze Button. Look for more in future updates.


  • Added advanced alarm option to fade in the alarm sound.
  • Fixed bug that would disable an alarm on dismiss that was once initially created as a “quick alarm”, even if it was repeating and should remain enabled.


  • Initial glorious release